Crashing Waves Landscape 11 x 14 Soft Pastel Painting


I grew up at the beach. One of my favorite things to do was to sit on top of a rocky outcropping where the waves would crash, sending up wonderfully cool spray. The power and majesty of those waves will always be with me. I have tried to capture those feelings for you in this painting. On 98 lb. pastel paper.

You may purchase this painting at my Etsy shop РCrashing Waves Landscape 11 x 14 Soft Pastel Painting 

This painting was made with pastels. Pastels are a unique art media that don’t dry like paints do. That means that the art will not crack like paints can, but it also means that a little special care is needed in handling and framing the painting. By following these simple guidelines your work of art will last a very, very long time:

– Your painting will arrive covered with a sheet of glassine paper and sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard. Please transport your artwork to your professional framer in this way. Because pastels don’t dry like paints, even the slightest touch can ruin the artwork. Please allow your professional framer to remove the glassine.

– Please do not use any type of fixative on your new piece of art. While pastels are delicate and should not be touched, fixatives will dramatically alter the colors and ruin the artwork. Professional framing will ensure the safety and beauty of your new piece of art for years to come.

– Never hang artwork where it will receive direct sunlight as that will cause fading.